Halifax Harbour can be a Harsh Habitat

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost people think that Halifax Harbour’s population of rubber duckies are harmless, happy creatures, but don’t try to sell that opinion to a scuba diver. These squeaky little bastards are responsible for more scuba diver deaths than dehydration – as they attack the unsuspecting swimmer (always in gangs, known as “tubs”) by first luring potential victims into their trap with their bright colours, and then surrounding and gently bumping against the hapless prey thousands upon thousands of times until they finally succumb.

Perhaps most tragic is the fact that these attacks are frequently witnessed from the shore, but ignored under the mistaken impression that someone is merely living out a childhood bathtub fantasy.

Why these merciless predators seem to prefer wet-suited over swim-suited targets is unknown, but be warned – anytime you’re swimming anywhere and see a smiling mass of yellow drifting your way, GET OUT OF THE WATER!